Chinese Aftermarket Company Vows to Protect IP Rights

The Chinese aftermarket company known as Ourway has declared its commitment to protection of intellectual property after gaining approval from the USPTO.

Ourway Image Tech Co., Ltd, headquartered in Zhuhai, China, emphasizes it respects intellectual property rights despite the deliberate technological hurdles set up by the OEMs. Besides patent solutions, the company currently owns over 100 patents of its own. In addition a number of domestic applications have been submitted to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) for patent international protection.

Ourway claims it’s not afraid to tackle the OEMs which have been continuously raising the technological thresholds in their hardware, making it increasingly more difficult for the aftermarket to develop compatible products. However, Ourway promises it will put more resources into R&D efforts to develop non-infringing patent solutions so that its customers have more choices in the market.

When it comes to the Canon dongle gear issue that has plagued the industry for more than 4 years, the company says it will not only find non-infringing solutions but will actually improve upon the technology.

The company has disclosed that its team has been working on building more dongle gear solutions for use in OEM products. Its patent team has acquired thousands of copies of OEM patent analyses in order to work on solutions that avoid patent infringement.

Currently, Ourway produces toner cartridges for use in HP/Canon and Samsung printers and inkjet cartridges on all series of HP/Canon, Epson and Brother products.

Earlier in March, RT Media reported Ourway’s seesaw solution for dongle gears for HP CF226 series had gained approval from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

(Photo source: Ourway PR)

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