Case Study: G&G Color Cartridges Help Students Build a Brighter Future

Case Study: G&G Color Cartridges Help Students Build a Brighter Future


Education industries demand:

  • vivid, colorful, sharp, clear prints in all printed documents including kids’ honor certificates, colorful picture cards, test papers and for paper-cutting activities;
  • high-quality, high yield, yet cost-effective printer cartridges for use by large educational groups;
  • healthy, low-carbon printing, with no any harmful substances in the prints, especially for young students who are still growing.


Many inferior, fake, and counterfeit consumables are distributed in imaging supplies markets, designed to deceive customers. This impacts students as well who end up with streaking and blotchy colors on the page while experiencing unhealthy and harmful toxins from the chemicals.

G&G Solutions and Results:

Print Vivid and Colorful in Every Media

Color makes a significant impact on how students are motivated and perform in class, maintain focus, and retain information.

G&G adopts imported, cutting-edge OPC-drums with high friction-resistant ability to make sure color performance is stable and consistent, from the first print to the last. G&G has also managed numerous fixing tests in a variety of printed documents to guarantee vivid, colorful, clear, and sharp prints for students.



Boost efficiency from classroom to staffroom

Teachers need to print many educational materials to make their classes more interesting and informational. This helps students to absorb new knowledge as well.

G&G‘s remanufactured JUMBO range solution is ideal for those involved in education.

G&G jumbo cartridges can achieve a yield of up to 5 times more pages than standard-yield cartridges, offering a more competitive cost per page. G&G JUMBO

replacement Kyocera 5140 series color cartridges, HP CF360X series reman color cartridges are the best choices for printing in the education sector.


Help Students Grow Healthily and Happily

Toner is an inhalable particle called PM10, which can be harmful to human health. So, G&G uses advanced multi-layer sealing technology in its color toner cartridges to avoid toner leakages that could impact students and teachers.

In addition, G&G color toner cartridges are produced under ISO and QC080000 systems, and are compliant with RoHS and REACH standards. G&G cartridges also strictly comply with EU CE and EMC certifications, which ensures the safety of all consumers, including students, teachers, and parents.


When it comes to reading, studies reveal people are more likely to retain what they read from hard-copy prints than digital texts. In one memory test study, subjects presented with colored images performed up to 10 percent better than those who were given black-and-white images.

Students are more highly motivated and their retention and comprehension are strengthened when they engage with color printouts. By delivering vivid, colorful printouts, G&G color cartridges enable students to learn and finish schoolwork quickly and improve teaching quality as well.

“We were surprised by the large volume and rich colors we got from G&G color cartridges,” an educator told G&G. “I must admit they perform beyond our expectations. They’ve definitely saved us a lot too because we go through a lot of cartridges.”

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