OEMs Plan to Develop Standards for Mobile Printing

Xerox announced it partnered with Canon, HP and Samsung to launch the Mopria (Mobil Printing Industry Alliance), which, the company said, is a global, non-profit, membership organization for promoting, simplifying and increasing accessibility to wireless printing from smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

According to Xerox, the Alliance “aims to bring together the mobile, software and print industries with the goal of aligning to standards that make printing universally compatible from any mobile device to any printer anywhere.” Also, the company explained that the Mopria Alliance—which is standardizing mobile printing technologies—will address the industry need for simple, ubiquitous wireless print capability and benefit mobile app developers and other industry players.

Kentucky-based research group Photizo pointed out that the hard copy industry has achieved great progress in making mobile printing easy, yet the mobile printing field remains complicated because there are so many solutions available. The research group believes it is an important and long-awaited move that the Mopria Alliance plans to develop common standards for mobile printing.

Photizo also noted that mobile devices are playing an increasingly significant role in accessing and communicating information and the printing industry must address this new reality.

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