Cartridge World Cyprus Takes the Lead on Carbon Neutrality

Cartridge World Cyprus Takes the Lead on Carbon Neutrality

Cartridge World Cyprus Takes the Lead on Carbon Neutrality

Cartridge World Cyprus Takes the Lead on Carbon NeutralityThe Managing Director of Cartridge World Cyprus has challenged other businesses, including its corporate customers to become carbon-neutral. Duncan Glover (pictured) says his business in Cyprus has taken a significant step towards protecting the environment by becoming carbon neutral.

The company has offset the carbon impact of its business in 2022, including its own brand of ink and toner cartridges, which are already a green alternative to original branded printer cartridges. This means that Cartridge World Cyprus is now a truly green and economical alternative.

The Green Office recognition program offers options such as choosing to print using Cartridge World Cyprus’ carbon-neutral own brand of remanufactured inks and toners, as well as heat-free printing solutions that save on energy and consumables. Businesses can save approximately 30-50% on their printing, and re-invest that into offsetting their carbon emissions. Carbon offsetting is an essential part of the journey toward carbon neutrality. Cartridge World Cyprus has partnered with, which offers a project portfolio that supports 10 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) such as sustainable energy and reforestation that helps reduce carbon emissions and achieve social development.

Cartridge World Cyprus is licensed by the Ministry of Environment to collect and export empty cartridges for reuse or recycling. The company encourages all customers to return their empty ink and toner cartridges, awarding all business customers with an Environmental Certificate. Since its inception in 2002, Cartridge World Cyprus has collected and reused over 750,000 ink and toner cartridges, achieving a zero-waste outcome.

Cartridge World Cyprus has championed environmental protection since its inception. Its own brand CW-replacement printer cartridges are eco-friendly, remanufactured, refilled, or compatible, reducing businesses’ carbon footprint. Additionally, Cartridge World Cyprus promotes a circular economy through refurbished hardware, and technicians are employed in all stores to repair printers and computers, giving them an extended lifespan.

Cartridge World Cyprus has been a global franchised business since 2002 and operates in an environmentally responsible manner for future generations. The company champions the cause of protecting the environment and offers a saving in money to the consumer as well as the most environmentally friendly reuse of materials. The company promotes a circular economy through refurbished hardware, and encourages the return of Original brand ink cartridges via a TAP Recycling Program®.

The need for action to avoid climate change is now. Cartridge World Cyprus encourages businesses to join in the mission of saving the planet together, your first step can begin here:

Why reduce carbon? 

The climate crisis is at its tipping point due to carbon levels being at the highest point in human history. We now face extreme weather conditions and unprecedented humanitarian issues such as food and water shortages. The biggest driver for climate change and its disastrous effects is the level of CO2 (carbon dioxide) in our atmosphere.

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