Cartridge Recycling Program Suspended

A program of a non-profit human services agency in Missouri has declared the termination of its cartridge recycling program.

As reported by, the KIM (Kids in Motion) program of the Douglass Community Services had started collecting used toner and inkjet cartridges since 2003. This program is supported and run by volunteers from the RSVP program. Members of this recycling program would pick up used cartridges from local businesses and ship them to Funding Factory, a leading recycling fundraiser in the U.S. The program had raised US$23,713.48 and saved thousands of pounds of materials from landfills in America.

Amy Vaughn, the director of KIM Program said that the room for storing used cartridges is now turned into an office for additional KIM/Teens in Motion (TIM) staff. The space in the building is not enough, so the KIM program decides to stop the cartridge recycling program. While Vaughn is sad to see the program go, she hopes that other interested community groups could take on this fund raising venture.

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