Kyocera Won Environmental Award

Kyocera Won Environmental Award

Kyocera Won Environmental AwardKyocera was recognized as the “Recycler of the Year” for the 17th straight year.

According to, Kyocera has obtained the 2017 “Recycler of the Year” award from ESD of San Diego for its endeavor in recycling and reducing waste.

Kyocera has strived to protect the environment along with reducing electricity demand and expenditures in 2016. For example, the company has reused water in production processes and shipping materials, funded a landfill cap and recycled non-reusable electronics, etc.

The water recycling of Kyocera has saved over 10 million gallons of industrial process water annually, tantamount to the water usage of 470 households in San Diego.

Bob Whisler, the president of Kyocera International said, “Kyocera has a long-standing commitment to social responsibility and sustainability. As members of the San Diego community, the company and our employees take this responsibility very seriously, and we are proud to be recognized again this year for our dedication to improving the environment and impacting the greater social good.”

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