Canon to Pay US$930,000 after Printer Defect Complaint Settlement

Canon USA Inc. (Canon) has settled a proposed class action in New York federal court over claims that its Pixma printers have a defect which causes the hardware to become completely useless, which in most cases occurs after the one-year warranty runs out, reported Law360.

As stated, Canon will issue US$50 cash or US$75 store vouchers to consumers who bought a defective printer which has not been repaired by Canon retailers; the total payment of this will reach US$930,000. In addition, customers who bought one of the millions of allegedly affected printers will have their warranties extended by nine months to cover the single problem. The settlement also enables the class counsel to ask for up to $370,000 in attorneys’ fees, and class representatives may receive up to $250.

Originally filed in May 2014, the plaintiffs alleged that Canon had violated express and implied warranties and been unjustly enriched by Canon’s hiding of the printer flaw. According to an amended complaint filed in September 2014, the three named plaintiffs alleged that Canon knew about the problem with the printers displaying the “U052” error, yet they refused to cover customers’ repair payments for the defective printers.

Later in October 2014, Canon asked the Court to consider a dismiss motion because the plaintiffs failed to state their claims adequately and relied on anonymous posts on the Internet to allege the problems went beyond the printer each of them had bought. However, there was no dismiss motion granted by the Court.


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