Samsung Electronics Launches the Smart Printer Diagnostic System

On June 22, Samsung Electronics announced that it has launched the Smart Printer Diagnostic System (SPDS), a printer failure diagnostic tool which has been receiving positive ratings from technical service engineers and end users. SPDS is the industry’s first mobile application consisting of image and video guides for troubleshooting printers.

With SPDS, Samsung aims to standardize the quality of IT service across service providers around the globe with direct, easy-to-follow visual guides developed individually for every Samsung MultiXpress printer model.

“SPDS is an organic component of Samsung’s philosophy guaranteeing high quality in everything from product development to maintenance,” said David SW Song, Senior Vice President of Strategy Marketing and Sales, Printing Solutions, Samsung Electronics.
The SPDS app gives users access to the SPDS server, the storage for official Samsung service manuals, technical information, educational videos and real-time notifications for software updates for Samsung Smart MultiXpress models. When a mobile device with the SPDS app receives an error message from the failed printer, the app automatically identifies the issue and displays a step-by-step troubleshooting guide. Engineers can also share video footage as references with other engineers.

General users with relatively less technical knowledge can also refer to the SPDS guides to fix minor printer issues without calling technical support and bearing service costs.

Early adopters have praised the tool for addressing the issue of inconsistent service that can result from service engineers’ varying levels of expertise and knowledge. They were satisfied with the fast and accurate service provided by Samsung.

SPDS is available for download from Google Play and Galaxy Apps in 51 countries, and is offered in 9 languages including English, French, and German. The user requires approval from Samsung Electronics to gain access to the SPDS server.

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