Canon Study Reveals Remote Working Disconnection

The independent report, which was carried out by RS Consulting on behalf of Canon, surveyed 1,671 end-users and 300 decision makers from Europe. A further 60 in-depth telephone interviews were conducted with end-users from 12 countries.

It found that 55% of respondents do not see the value in mobile printing opportunities at a client’s site or public place, compared with 37% that do.

Four Barriers

Canon has identified four barriers that prevent remote working from being more widely adopted. Security was found to be the most common, with remote workers granted access to specific parts of servers that contain non-sensitive documents.

The second, ignorance, found that many users are unaware of solutions available and their benefits. The report found that the concept of remote working is new to some employees, as is the concept of printing remotely.

Lack of trust in the technology was another barrier, with some employees raising concerns about technology working consistently, or how they would cope with malfunctions ‘on the spot’. Finally, the report found that some employees would feel obliged to do extra work outside office hours.

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