InfoTrends Expands Ultimate Guide, Adds Wide Format Printing

InfoTrends has expanded its Ultimate Guide Online platform to include wide format printing (WFP). This guide details product specifications for over 300 products from a total of 40 vendors. The Ultimate Guide Online is a series of databases utilized by savvy print and marketing service providers to compare hardware and software before making their investments.

Wide format digital printing is one of the fastest growing segments within the printing industry. Wide format digital print is a dynamic market, with a steady stream of new products and technologies being introduced to market. However, according to Tim Greene, Director of InfoTrends’ Wide Format Printing Consulting Service, “Our research shows that companies that are interested in getting into wide format typically struggle with all of the various technology choices they have, which is why we have extended the Ultimate Guide platform to include the wide format digital printer market.”

The Ultimate Guide Online enables side-by-side comparisons of WFP printers from a wide range of vendors based in all regions. Like other versions of Ultimate Guide Online the WFP guide also offers unbiased, third-party analysis from InfoTrends’ analysts of each printer’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. InfoTrends’ analysts will update their guide to WFP printers as the market evolves. Using this tool can increase perspective and cut research time when evaluating equipment purchases.

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