Brother Japanese company printers

Japanese Company Brother Releases Latest Financial Figures

Brother Japanese company printers

Brother, the Japanese multinational company that produces electronic products and equipment, including a variety of printers, has recently released figures detailing its financial performance in the latest first half. The figures show relatively small decreases in profit and revenue and a severe dip in comprehensive income. The report also updates figures predicting financial performance for next year, predicting further drops in profit and revenue by the end of March 2020.

Overall revenue has decreased by 7.3% between the most recent first half (the six months up to September 2019) and the previous first half (the six months up to September 2018). Revenue decreased from 349,689 million yen to 318,487 million yen. Profit has broadly decreased by between 4% and 6%; for example, operating profit has decreased by 4% while profit attributable to the owners of the parent company has decreased by 4.5%. Meanwhile, profit before income taxes has decreased by 5.3%, from 38,405 million yen in the previous first half to 36,368 million yen in the most recent first half.

The forecast for financial figures at the end of the fiscal year at the end of March 2020 predicts further decreases in profit and revenue. A previous forecast predicted an increase in revenue but a decrease in profit. Overall revenue is expected to fall by 6.1% from 683,972 million yen (total at the end of March 2019) to 642,000 million yen by the end of March 2020. Profit is expected to decrease by between 16% and 18%. For example, operating profit is expected to fall by 15.9% while profit before income taxes is expected to fall by 17.3%.

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