Brother Expands Ink Jet Production in the Philippines

Brother Industries Ltd. plans to increase production of inkjet printers in the Philippines to support the plant in China. In March 2013, Brother opened its $140-million facility in Batangas. That unit is producing 100,000 ink cartridges a month for the global inkjet market.

Mr. Atsushi Iwamoto, Brother’s Group Manager for Sales and Marketing, said, “There is no official word yet about logistics and the like, but Brother is seriously considering Philippine operations as the second inkjet making facility next to its China plant. I assume that the $140-million capex (capital expenditure) for the Philippine plant would mean much more than simply producing cartridges for inkjet printers.”

Iwamoto also revealed that the expanded plant might start operating anytime.  The company has set up four production sites in Asia. The 2 plants in China are for laser and inkjet printers and the new plant in Vietnam produces monochrome laser printers. The Philippine plant was opened in March.

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