G&G Expands East African Market in Ethiopia

G&G, Ninestar’s premium consumables brand, has commissioned Wurgessa Trading as its exclusive agent in Ethiopia for the year 2013. The partnership was established just after G&G’s success in gaining a foothold in the Canadian market.

Mr. Esmelalem Zewdie, Managing Director of the Afro China Group, said, “Under the support of Ninestar and with our experience in the business, we believe that G&G will win its success in Ethiopia.”

Wurgessa Trading is located in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. The company has been focusing on the stationery business for many years. It is one of the key players in office products in Ethiopia. Now the company offers G&G products with contract, wholesale and retail channels. Besides its distribution channel, Wurgessa has made a plan with Ninestar headquarters to promote G&G via TV and newspaper ads, free trials, seminars and other media campaigns. Afro China Group, a related company of Wurgessa Trading, is in charge of G&G orders and transportation. It has 5 years’ experience dealing with direct manufacturers of Chinese origin.

The latest survey shows that printing is still the first choice to deliver information to African people. That report indicates 54% thought printing is the most efficient media, while 94% said they would take printing as the tool for multi-channel communication. With economic development and the popularity of IT products, printing supplies will enjoy a great demand in the African market.

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