Printer Shipment to EMEA Stumbled

As per data published by European IT market analysis company CONTEXT, unit shipments of printers to EMEA dropped by 8% year-on-year (YoY) in the first quarter of 2015 (1Q2015). The researcher said the decline was the result of weak performance in the Middle East, Africa and Central and Eastern Europe.

Imaging Market Analyst Zivile Brazdziunaite revealed that shipments to Western Europe took up more than 60% of the total shipments to EMEA, flat for the quarter. Shipments of laser MFPs to Western Europe declined by 1% while the number of laser SFPs increased by 2%.

In terms of country performance, unit shipments to Germany and France grew YoY 10% and 9% respectively, owing to improving economic situation. Spain saw a double-digit increase, mainly resulting from the growth in inkjet MFPs.

Still affected by uncertainty and the situation in Russia, shipments to Central and Eastern Europe registered a drastic drop of 30% YoY. Shipments to Russia saw a remarkable fall of 50% while the number of printer hardware to Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic registered double-digit growth mainly due to growth in inkjet MFPs.

Performance in Middle East and Africa also decays, declining by 11%. Shipments of laser machines decreased by 4% YoY while the number of sell-in level inkjet printers dropped by 18%. UAE and Turkey are the largest markets in the region, which showed double digit declines. The UAE has announced recently the achievement of virtually paperless government which will result in a weaker demand for printer hardware in government sectors.

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