Delacamp Appoints UpandGreen as Distributor for Italy

Hamburg-based Delacamp AG has appointed UpandGreen as its preferred distributor for Italy. UpandGreen is a components distributor based in Vicenza, which operates throughout Italy and also specializes in the engineering and production of remanufacturing machineries for the industry.

The partnership will see UpandGreen receive the full support from Delacamp for the distribution of all products and services, including DCSelect® Parts, CPT® and Kaleidochrome™ chemically-produced color toner, and MK Imaging™ products and all Kuroki blades.

The Italian market is recovering from past economic downturns and is showing signs of positive developments. Additionally, consumers there are turning to a more environmentally conscious attitude, with increased interest in recycled products and those approved by “ecolabel” organizations. Delacamp deemed Italy as a very important market and believed it was a priority to find the right solution to ensure that products were accessible to the entire country.

Volker Kappius, COO of Delacamp, stated: “In an ever changing market environment in which even big players seem to be making U-turns, it is important to have a reliable partner with a straight forward quality strategy. UpandGreen is the right partner for our team to bring quality not only to the big companies in the Italian market but also to the medium to small sized quality oriented companies.”

Andrea Busolo, Sales Manager of UpandGreen commented: “We are proud to have been selected by Delacamp as their Preferred Distributor for Italy. Our business philosophy has always been in harmony with that of Delacamp, offering the best products in the market with an unbeatable price/quality ratio. We are confident that our staff will be able to promote Delacamp’s product line in the best way, ensuring quick deliveries and providing qualified technical assistance capable of responding to the needs of each customer.”

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