Print-Rite Introduced 3D Printing to Duke University Students

Print-Rite has received students from Duke University to visit its headquarters and introduced them the company’s 3D printers.

As an industry leader in the development and manufacture of aftermarket printer consumables, Print-Rite is investing heavily in 3D printing in recent years and has successfully launched its CoLiDo™ 3D printer range.

Education sector, where Print-Rite targets at, is one of the most promising segments for 3D printing applications. Students from Duke University came all the way to visit Print-Rite Tower to unleash their creativity with CoLiDo™ 3D printers. The tour started with a video showing them the concept and application of 3D printing. The students showed great interest in all the possibilities of 3D printing and used CoLiDo™ 3D printers to print a physical object from 3D digital file.

For more information about CoLiDo™3D printers, go to

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