Armor Takes on Reorganization

Following a 50% growth in its printer consumables business since 2008, Armor announces its plan to integrate its office printing business between France, Germany and the Netherlands as well as invest in industrial sites in France and Poland.

According to The Recycler, by reorganizing its office printing division, the company is ambitious to build an industry which can battle with the behemoths of America and Asia. This reorganization will be completed by mid-2015 with 24 new jobs created in France and the production capacity doubled to 3 million laser cartridges annually.

For the inkjet cartridge branch, the company will set up a head office in Dortmund, Germany. The manufacturing plant in Prudnik, Poland will take on the production tasks while the Píesk site will focus on the sorting of used cartridges for recycling. Also, at the beginning of this year, Armor initiated a new logistics center near Prudnik.

As for the laser cartridges sector, Armor will repatriate its packaging facilities at its Morocco site to its logistics site in Nantes so as to package products on-demand as well as optimise delivery times.

Hubert de Boisredon, Chairman and Chief Executive of the Armor group, led the acquisition of the company. He said: “By reorganizing Armor Office Printing, we are seeking to serve our business and private customers better, particularly in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the North of Europe. More than ever, we want to become the leader in the European production of compatible printer cartridges, drawing on the group’s industrial expertise and successful globalisation based on co-industrialisation.”

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