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Apex Launches Resetting Solution and Replacement Chips for Brother

reset solution,replacement chips,Brother,LC3029Apex has released the resetting solution for Brother LC3029/LC3017 series of ink cartridges.

According to Apex, those remanufacturing the Brother LC3029/LC3017 series of ink cartridges are no longer limited to the number of times they can reset the OEM chips through Apex’s Unismart system. Apex claims the features of the resetting solution include:

1. Reset chips include the full ink volume function;

2. Chip information and ink consumption can be matched up correctly.

In addition, Apex has also released a group of replacement chips for use in Brother LC3029/LC3017 series of ink cartridges.

Apex states its chips possess the ASIC design and are stable in performance. The new chips are now available in the U.S., Europe, Australia, Japan and Asia-Pacific areas.

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