Tetsuro, Funai,

Tetsuro Funai of Funai Electric Dies Age 90

Tetsuro,Funai,ObituaryTetsuro Funai, the Founder and Chairman of Funai Electric Co Ltd., passed away from pneumonia on July 4 at the age of 90. The funeral ceremony will be held by relatives.

Funai, born on January 24 1927 in Kobe, Japan, first opened a sewing machine wholesale shop at the age of 24. He then began exporting the machines overseas as well as manufacturing and selling transistor radios. The venture had led to the establishment of well-known audiovisual electronics maker Funai Electric Co Ltd. in 1961.

As the company diversified and added production of TVs and DVD recorders, its sales expanded overseas. With Funai’s low-cost mass production strategies, the business eventually grew into a globalized and popular brand.

Funai remained with Funai Electrics Co Ltd. throughout his entire life. He became the chairman in June 2012 and later took a role as the Executive Advisor of the Company in 2016.

Funai Electric Co have expressed gratitude on behalf of Funai for support and friendship during his lifetime and have planned a farewell ceremony at a later date.

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