American Ink Producer Acquires European Printing Giant

The Flint Group has reached a preliminary agreement on Sun Chemical’s bid to acquire them.

According to Ink World, Flint Group, one of the largest global suppliers to the printing and packaging industry, has agreed to Sun Chemical’s acquisition of its European ink business. Under the agreement, all its related product portfolios will be transferred to Sun Chemical, a US-based printing ink producer.

It is said that Flint Group has lately expanded its global Print Media business and purchased the web offset business of Siegwerk. They believe the new decision has no deviation from their core business and the long-term strategy – the web offset business.

Tony Lord, General Manager of Print Media Europe, Middle East and Africa/VP European Operations, said: “We are pleased to have reached this agreement with Sun Chemical. This will secure the long-term supply for our publication gravure customers in Europe. After completion, Flint Group will work closely with Sun Chemical to ensure that the transition is completed with minimal disruption for our customers.”

The European businesses of both companies will keep their respective management teams in place to minimize impact before approvals are obtained.

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