HP Plans to Enter Three New Areas

The CEO and CFO of HP Inc.—Dion Weisler and Cathie Lesjak have rolled out their business strategies for the company.

As reported by Barron’s, Weisler announced HP will enter three new product areas, including the “A3 copier market,” graphics, and commercial mobility. These new businesses are expected to return US$155 billion in total revenue for the company. Weisler and Lesjak also noticed that there are many possibilities for the company after it enters the three areas.

In addition, HP will release its earnings report of the second quarter of 2016 (2Q2016) this month. Weisler stated that there are two variables that can affect the profits of its printing businesses, including variable cost structure and the supplies revenue.

Weisler and Lesjak promised their investors that “supplies revenue will stabilize by the end of 2017 in constant currency terms.”

Weisler also mentioned that the vital focus of its investors is operating cash flow. The 5-billion cash flow in 2Q2016 of the company has confirmed their investors.

Weisler also refers to 3-D printing as an area needs “immersive computing”, and HP has already invested $5 billion in this area.

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