Toner Expert Addresses the Importance of External Additives

At the relaunched 31-year-old World Toner Conference in Wuhan China, Hajime Kambara, Cabot Global Application and Development Lead, talked about the recent trends of toner formulation and analyzed how additive can improve toner performance.

Concerning the importance of external additives for toners, Hajime said every 10 years the toner manufacture will renew the core particles, but every two years they need to renew the external additives. Because each time when the new machine is launched, the performance requirement is different. They can’t change the core particles all the time but something has to be improved. This is where an external addictive plays a big part.

Hajime suggested aftermarket toner manufacturer keep the low cost while developing better toner particles to achieve growth. He said balancing these two things are very difficult. He was pretty sure that those companies which have foreseen five years ahead and have started to develop new technologies will win this business.

Commenting on this year’s World Toner Conference, Hajime said, “I think the place and the time are very good. Of course some Japanese or American companies have the leading technologies. But the passion is totally different. In China, everyone is looking for new product, new industry and new market. So if we talk about something that they are eager to learn, they are very interested in it.”



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