InfoTrends Study Addresses Clone Cartridges

InfoTrends introduced a study focused on the North American and European markets for cloned cartridges. This study investigates market penetration, route to market and channel awareness for laser and inkjet clones. It provides insights and tools to educate channel players and government agencies on the potential risks and damages associated with these clones.

In accordance with the InfoTrends definition, clones do not require an empty, or spent, OEM cartridge in their production. They are defined as toner, OPC drum and inkjet cartridges made from all-new parts. Many cloned cartridges tend to be of very low manufacturing cost and are frequently offered for sale to the end user at prices remarkably below both OEM and remanufactured cartridges.

As resellers are the route to market for clones, there is a strong need to understand what the channels believe or do not believe about clones, their awareness across different risk factors on clones and what education is required in the channel to reduce the negative impact of clones on the channels themselves and on the reman industry as a whole. The focus of this need seems to be the Internet channels, but this research will not ignore traditional channels.

Contents of the study include

1. Forecast of the penetration of toner and ink cartridge clones;

2. Investigation on route to market for clones;

3. Investigation on channel awareness and attitudes toward clone products;

4. Description of the domestic remanufacturers’ interaction with clone products;

5. Industry opinion on where the harm is;

6. Sustainability issues: Are there any end-of-life solutions for clones and which constituencies care?

7. Government/ISO issues;

8. Research on whether OEM Identification/verification issues have value.

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