Alternative Inks for Epson L-series Printers Are Available

INKSYSTEM, a producer of alternative consumables for inkjet printers, has introduced ink substitute for Epson L-series printing devices to the Polish market.

As per INKSYSTEM, till now Epson printers and multifunctional devices of the L-series, which stand out among other printing devices because of genuine Ink Tank System, were available for users with pricey Epson inks only. But the things changed as INKSYSTEM provided affordable inks for the market.

The new dye-based inks are supplied in capacious bottles. INKSYSTEM claims its ink has chemical composition that is close to the genuine ink, therefore users will always get durable and high-quality printouts with true-to-life color rendition. Furthermore, colorant is fully dissolved in liquid, providing smooth gradation while printing. As inks don’t have solid particles, they prevent a printing device from a frequently occurred problem – clogging of print head nozzles. INKSYSTEM said the inks were developed to be 100% compatible, therefore they are safe and affordable alternative for printing of high quality.

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