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Aftermarket Snaps Back at Fake News

fight,aftermarket,snaps back,recycling timesA reputable toner manufacturing company based in Malaysia has come under attack from a US based news agency, and now it plans to fight back. Jadi Imaging says the agency has made erroneous accusations attacking its brand. “Jadi Imaging Technologies will not stand still and allow to discredit it in such a wrongful way. It’s time to speak up and take action,” a Jadi spokesperson told RT Media.

Jadi added, “Even in 2017, the legitimate aftermarket industry is still being criticized for condoning acts of counterfeit products. Now is making the same accusation about Jadi.”

Jadi told RT Media that the company’s trade practices and business ethics are very clear on three key points:

  • Jadi’s toner does not breach any OEM patents;
  • Jadi’s toner is sold under its own private label;
  • Jadi’s toner is not sold under the pretense of being an OEM branded product.

“The 3rd point is especially pivotal,” the company representative stated. “Counterfeiters intentionally sell their products in such a way that consumers believe they are purchasing genuine OEM branded products.”

“Jadi does not condone such actions and would like to emphasize that all parties take the initiative to honestly and truthfully understand the role of the legitimate aftermarket industry, which is present in many other sectors.”

Jadi Imaging is not the first aftermarket company to be affected by wrongful, damaging fake news published by TonerNews.

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