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The Fuse 1 Is Revolutionizing the 3D Printing World

Formlabs, Fuse 1, Revolution, 3D Printing, Costs, Selective Laser Sintering, SLS,A 3D printing startup based in Boston, U.S. has developed a new equipment that cuts prices significantly for 3D printing. The technology used in the equipment is said to have potential to bring 3D printing into homes.

According to, Formlabs, the Boston-based startup, has developed the Fuse 1, a printing equipment that transforms selective laser sintering (SLS), a 3D printing method used in industrial settings. The new equipment allegedly costs 20 times cheaper than most industrial SLS printers.

The dimensions of this piece of equipment are 165 x 165 x 320mm and the printer itself costs $9,999.00. However, there is the option of purchasing the complete system for $19,999.00, which contains an extra build chamber, post-processing unit, and an initial load of nylon material.

Back in 2012, Formlabs transformed the world of stereolithography (SLA) by creating the Form 1 which ultimately made SLA printing accessible to individual consumers. This inspired other companies to design SLA printers and as a result the prices have dropped.

In a similar fashion, Formlabs are now revolutionizing Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). SLS creates objects by using a laser to sinter powder to form a thin layer; it then places more powder on top of this and repeats the process. It produces high-quality products and is able to utilize a variety of materials. The problem with SLS printers is that they have been too expensive for the general population to acquire, with prices upwards of $100,000. Yet the Fuse 1 has cut that price by around 90%. While $9,999.00 is still costly for a personal SLS printer, Formlabs has undeniably ignited the new era for SLS printing.

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