Sunking Intros New Chip Reset Program for Lexmark Models

Sunking Intros New Chip Reset Program for Lexmark Models

Shenzhen-based toner chip developer Sunking Technology Inc. (Sunking), has released a new chip reset program for Aftermarket cartridges to be used in the Lexmark MX/MS series of printers.

Related models include the Lexmark MS, MX310/ 410/ 510/ 511/ 610/ 710/ 711/ 810/ 811/ 812 series; certain models of Lexmark CS, CX series; Lexmark E260/ 360/ 460/ X462/ X464 series and Lexmark T650/652/654/X652/X654 series.

According to Sunking, most Aftermarket replacement chips can’t be used due to Lexmark’s framework updates. However, the company believes its new reset program is the solution needed to overcome this problem. It claims the new reset program is equipped with several features, including firmware avoidance and updates, not infringing Lexmark’s patents, and able to achieve customized cartridge capacity. Also, certain models can work as the international version after reset by the new program, while it depends on what models the customers provide.

Sunking told RT Media that they now collect the OEM chips of the above models across the world and offer a customized chip resetting services.

In addition, Sunking declares that they will devote themselves to product R&D instead of getting involved in the price war.

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