Aftermarket Remanufacturer Launches “Cost Saving Calculator”

Clover Imaging Group (CIG) has added a tool to assist its imaging dealers to show customers cost savings for switching to CIG’s remanufactured cartridges.

The company claims that its new tool, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) worksheets, works automatically for the dealers by entering related information including the impressions or page prints per month and sell price for the OEM or CIG cartridges. The price of printer, total prints per month and costs of cartridges will be taken into account by the TCO worksheets to figure out the total savings for customers on choosing CIG cartridges instead of OEM ones. Dealers can customize items such as volumes and pricing to individual customers.

“CIG’s Buyers Laboratory testing results offer a huge opportunity for dealers to prove to their customers that they save money by switching to CIG imaging supplies, specifically highlighting that there is no loss in quality when making the change,” said Luke Goldberg, EVP Global Sales and Marketing for Clover Imaging Group. “This influential testing verifies once and for all that CIG rivals the OEM in quality, reliability, and page yield, and the TCO worksheets allow dealers to prove that to their customers before they even make the switch.”

In January, CIG told RT Media that it had commissioned Buyers Laboratory (BLI) to pit its cartridges against OEM cartridges under ISO test conditions, and its remanufactured cartridges were proven to match the original cartridges through test conducted by BLI.

Third Party Test Shows Aftermarket Cartridges Match OEMs’

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