InkFactory Makes IJ Carts on Home 3D Printer

Print supplies retailer (Lincoln, Lincolnshire, UK) has   introduced inkjet printer cartridges produced on a 3D Printer. The company said the prototype black and color cartridges can print at a comparable speed and quality to the Kodak branded cartridges. Also, the 3D printed cartridges have a total plastic material cost of approximately £1.60, compared with £20 for a set of Kodak cartridges.

Tim Johnson, Managing Director, said, “We’re excited about a future where customers can download a 3D model of a printer cartridge—or any other object—to print at home. A print-your-own cartridge kit could cost our customer less than £5 including delivery.”

Marc Liron, Head of Printing Research at, added, “The 3D cartridge project is part of our on-going research into the future of the domestic printing market. Today we decided to prove that it was possible, and in so-doing, highlight the opportunities for innovation that 3D printing presents for retailers and product designers in Great Britain.”

Watch the video to see how they make it!

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