80% SMBs Yearn for Paper-free in 2017

A survey conducted by Coleman Parkes Research shows over 80% of SMBs (small/mid-size businesses) are willing to reduce paper in their routine businesses.

According to the survey, respondents in over 1,000 companies expect to make such a change in the next year. 51% of SMBs in Germany and 50% of them in the U.S. have spent most of their time processing paperwork.

The survey also shows that only 1 in 5 respondents has heard about the existence of paper-free solutions in the market. French SMBs possess the furthest plan from digitalizing their paper processes in comparison with other countries. While 12% of all SMBs will not implement the digitalization plan in one to three years.

John Corley, president of the Channel Partner Operations in Xerox, said, “As SMBs embark on their digitalization journey, it’s important to understand how technology can support their vision and strategy to achieve successful digital transformation.”

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