50 Companies to be Investigated for Canon’s Complaint

Originally published at World IP Review.

ITC to investigate 50 companies at Canon’s request


The US International Trade Commission (ITC) has announced to investigate 50 companies that are allegedly importing patent-infringing toner products into the US, for Canon’s complaint.

Last month, Canon claimed that certain infringing toner cartridges are being imported into the US by a number of companies based in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Canada, and the US.

Canon accused the companies of making and selling toner cartridges and photosensitive drum units which infringe Canon’s patents, US numbers 9,746,826; 9,836,021; 9,841,727; 9,841,728; 9,841,729; 9,857,764; 9,857,765; 9,869,960; and 9,874,846.

The Japanese company requested that the ITC issue a general exclusion order and cease-and-desist orders against the 50 companies.

Canon has also filed patent infringement claims against the companies named in its ITC complaint. Canon sued Static Control Components for a patent infringement complaint at the US District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina last month. The lawsuit alleged infringement of the same patents named in the ITC investigation.

According to the complaint, Static Control offers replacement toner cartridges for Canon and HP laser beam printers. The cartridges and their components, including the photosensitive drum units, are allegedly covered by Canon’s asserted patents.

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