Georgia Judge Supports OEM’s Patent Infringement Verdict

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Judge Upholds Canon’s US$4.4 Million Toner-Infringement Award

According to wirthconsulting.orga Georgia federal judge lets stand a US$4.4 million verdict against third-party toner-cartridge maker Color Imaging Inc. and plastic manufacturer General Plastic Industrial, both accused by Canon Inc. of Tokyo, Japan, of violating its toner-bottle patent. The judge stated that a jury’s patent-infringement verdict handed down in June 2017, and the US$4.4 million in damages it subsequently awarded Canon “were reasonably supported by the evidence.”

The judge – U.S. District Judge Amy Totenberg – pointed out that Canon presented evidence that the companies continued to sell their toner bottles after learning of both Canon’s patent and Canon’s claim that the bottles were infringing it.

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