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Allen Westerfield Addressed Issue of Counterfeiting

Allen Westerfield, President of Image Supplies Coalition (ISC), addressed Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Issues in the Imaging Supplies Industry.

Sanjeev Mahajan: Indian Market Remains Price Sensitive

NAND's Sanjeev Mahajan reported on threats and opportunities in the Indian market by analyzing trends in the print consumables business in the Indian sub-continent.

Dr. Xiao Guilin: Remanufacturers Should Continue to Do More R&D

Dr. Guilin Xiao, Senior Engineer for R&D at Hubei Dinglong Chemical Co., Ltd., analyzed the opportunities and challenges offered by aftermarket color toner.

Charles Sharp Finds Great Opportunities for Digital Ink Jet Printing Applications

At Recycling Times' Conference@2013: Preparing for Change on October 16, 2013, Charles Sharps, Founder of Digital Image Technology, talked on Growth Applications for Digital Ink Jet Printing.

Dr. Stanislav Malinskiy Reports on Threats and Opportunities in the Russian Market

Dr. Stanislav Malinskiy, General Director at Business Inform, made his voice heard at Conference@2013 on October 16, by asserting that new Chinese cartridges are absolutely legal on the Russian market.

Arrangement of Free Shuttle Buses for RemaxAsia Expo Announced

RemaxAsia Expo will be held in Zhuhai on 17th-19th October (conference: 16th October, show: 17th-19th October).

Printing the Future—iPrint (China) Expo 2013

The Professional Digital Press and Commercial Printing Show—iPrint (China) Expo 2013 will be held in Zhuhai Airshow Center, China on 17th-19th October 2013

iPrint (China) Expo 2013: Will Digital Press Print Shops Go with 3D Printing?

The Economist expects the fast-growing 3D printing revolution—which is in its transformational phase—could lead to the third industrial revolution.

Printing the Future–iPrint (China) Expo 2013 To Be Held 17th-19th October

The Professional Digital Press and Commercial Printing Show--iPrint (China) Expo 2013 will be held in Zhuhai Airshow Center, China on 17th-19th October 2013, at the same time as RemaxAsia Expo—the world’s largest print consumables show.

RemaxAsia Expo to be Held On 17-19 October 2013

The world's largest trade show for the computer printing industry—organizers have announced the 7th annual event to be held again in Zhuhai, China on 17-19 October 2013. The full day conference will be held on October 16, and the trade show will be held the following 3 days.