The 2nd RT Media Global Industry Awards Ceremony Announced—Nominations Called for All 12 Awards!

(Zhuhai, China. 2 July 2014): Overwhelmed by favorable comments and accolades following the success of the first Global Industry Awards Ceremony in October, 2014, RT Media has announced the 2nd Global Awards Ceremony for the print consumables industry will be held on 15th October—during the 9th RemaxWorld Expo in Zhuhai, China.

After accepting the baton passed to it by Recharger Magazine that had hosted the awards for 25 years, RT Media claims some have suggested the annual event could well become the “Nobel Prize equivalent” for the print consumables industry.

The awards ceremony will be held at the Zhuhai International Convention & Exhibition Center on Day 1 of RemaxWorld Expo, which is expected to see more than 13,000 attendees this year.



Since the advent of desktop printing, the world’s first and most iconic, American-based Recharger Magazine provided the emerging aftermarket industry with critical information, news and resources. In January, 2014, RT Media acquired the resources and readership of Recharger Magazine and consequently inherited the annual industry awards ceremony which had acknowledged, nurtured and affirmed the industry for 25 years. The outstanding talent and innovation has not wavered since, so RT Media willingly accepted the responsibility to honor the people, organizations and enterprises that continue to achieve.


2014 Award Winners

Hundreds gathered in Zhuhai to see the winners at the 2014 Awards Ceremony. International organisations and enterprises including UniNet, ETIRA, OCP GmbH, Cartridge World, MKIC-Future Graphics, Print-Rite, Ninestar, Hubei Dinglong and Apex Microelectronics won awards in various categories. Individuals were honored as well including Static Control’s late Ed Swartz, and US patent attorney Ed O’Connor.

How About 2015?

Within days of nominations being called, via the website, scores of credible nominations were registered from individuals in North America, Europe, and Africa.

The nomination (open to all) and selection (international panel of independent, expert judges) process will follow the 2014 model. This is to ensure maximum involvement by the wider industry, while preserving the integrity of the event with a credible evaluation and appraisal process. The actual awards themselves have been reviewed and modified. This year there will be 12 awards—instead of the 11 in 2014—as follows:

● Industry Breakthrough Award

● Patent Achievement Award

● Legal Defender Award

● Industry Service Award

● Technology Innovation Award

● Quality Leader Award

● Environment Betterment Award

● Outstanding Achievement Award

● Anti-Counterfeiting Award

● Outstanding Marketing Campaign

Details of each award, plus the nomination rules and entry forms are available online at

Organizers expect the 2015 awards will further stimulate the world’s printing consumables industry. Any person in the world can nominate their ideal candidate from any other part of the world. The award winners will be based only on those nominated. A panel of independent industry experts from America, Asia, Europe and Africa/Middle East will select the final winners from those nominated. The panel, who will introduced at the Awards Ceremony, will make the final decision for each category, removing any questionable result that could arise from a popular vote selection process.


3D Fashion Show at the Same Time 

And to add to the mystery and surprise surrounding the Awards themselves, the organizers have planned an entertaining 3D Fashion Show on the same stage. Every model will show off clothes designed and made on 3D printers—a spectacular, visual experience that is sure to surprise every attendee.

Browse the official website  to participate: before nominations close on August 9, 2015.


About RT Media

Recycling Times Media Corporation (RT Media) educates, informs and provides networking and business opportunities for the 2D and 3D printing industry. The RT Media international team comprises talent from Australia, America, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Hong Kong and China.

RT Media is the organizer of RemaxWorld Expo, the world’s largest print consumables trade show event held each year in Zhuhai, China—the world capital of print consumables manufacturing.  RT Media also organizes the RT Imaging Summit & Expo—Americas, RT Imaging Summit & Expo—Europe and World Toner Conference.  RT Media publishes regular inTouch TV News bulletins and monthly editions of the Recycling Times magazine for the global industry-separately with Chinese, English, Spanish, Korean and Russian editions.

In the 3D printing arena, RT Media organizes the world leading professional 3D printing trade shows—Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo—Shanghai and iPrint 3D Expo. RT Media was also the first to publish a monthly Chinese magazine focusing on the 3D printing industry—3D Printing World.


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