Ricoh Explores Thermal Transfer Market in Indonesia

Ricoh Company Ltd. (Ricoh) founded P.T. Ricoh Thermal Media East Asia Pacific (RTM-EAP) in Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia and the new company started business on July 1, 2015. It will focus on local slit operations1 and marketing of thermal transfer paper and ribbons, reported

The OEM invested 15 billion Indonesian rupiah (US$1.11 million) in RTM-EAP to develop, produce and market durable, high-value-added thermal paper and thermal transfer ribbons. As introduced, thermal paper will be used mainly for barcodes whilst thermal transfer ribbons will be used in production control, logistics and inventory control such as: food POS, meeting local customer needs for deliverability, and increasing the environment-resistance of the products. It is revealed that the company won a large market share in many regions around the world. Now, the new set-up is under the leadership of Chairman Yasutomo Mori and Managing Director Tomiharu Kinoshita.

Ricoh believes that the demand for barcode labels will grow significantly in the future, which will make Indonesia the largest country in terms of consumption within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region. Thus, RTM-EAP will help Ricoh consolidate its position in the Indonesian market. On the basis of Indonesia, Ricoh is establishing a customer-oriented production and marketing structure covering other ASEAN markets.


1. Slit operations: The process of cutting and processing thermal transfer ribbons of whole rolls for end products.

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