Printer Security Trumped Berto cartoon rtmworld

Printer Security Trumped – Berto panicks

Hackers are now gaining access to company systems and data through printers installed in the office

Some Leaders See Bright Future – Berto needs sunglasses

Help me !My print has been attacked and is printing out junk!

Hanging On For Service – Berto wants to give up

Caring for the customer should be the number one priority for those offering supplies to consumers—if you are not delivering, consumers will go and find a better customer experience with your competitors

Zero Tolerance for Counterfeiters Berto cartoon rtmworld

Zero Tolerance for Counterfeiters – Berto does time

There’s nothing to laugh about when it comes to counterfeiting—it’s a crime!

Berto Kill It Reman vs NBC imagingworld

Civil War for the Aftermarket – Berto gets into the ring

The printing consumables aftermarket is divided over remanufactured and new-built cartridges