Zhuhai Fanneng Releases Continous Toner Supply Cartridge

Zhuhai Fanneng Consumables reports their innovative Continuous Toner Supply Cartridge (CTSC) is ready to enter the market place for HP 12A/88A/78A/36A/35A/85A printers.

Equipped with a special leak-proof opening that mates with a supply bottle, these toner cartridges can be refilled with toner powder and ”reused many times” Fanneng claims. It uses high-quality, long-life components it says will ensure each cartridge can deliver a long service life capable of printing more than 12,000 pages. Refilling the powder is very simple and quick, says Fanneng, without taking apart the cartridge or doing any cleaning. Customers only need to open the cap and add powder. Without powder leakage, it is clean and safe for the operator and the office.

Like the Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) used to refill inkjet ink cartridges, the key is dealing with the waste powder effectively. Fanneng’s patent solves this problem by first, capturing the waste powder back form the waste powder bin. Next, it saves the waste toner and separates it effectively using wastepaper.

Five advantages are cited for the CTSC:

Simple: Adding toner is simple and quick, without taking apart the cartridge or doing any cleaning. It takes only 1 minute to finish the process. Users can refill the toner by themselves.

Safe: The product has a specially designed toner bottleneck. Without any powder leakage, it is safe for the operator and the office environment, thus users need not worry about harming their health when adding powder.

Economical: The 12A/88A cartridges can print more than 12,000 pages, making the page yield 6 to10 times that of conventional cartridges. At the same time, it extends the purchasing cycle, reduces inventory and greatly reduces print cost.

Environmentally Friendly: It basically produces no waste powder. Also, the waste powder can automatically be recycled to the printer   so it won’t pollute the environment. On the other hand, the toner cartridge can be used many times, greatly reducing the amount of waste in discarded cartridges. The CTSC is therefore both energy saving and environmentally protective.

High Quality: The product is protected by innovative patents and technology. All materials and parts are purchased from high-quality brand name suppliers. Fanneng implements rigorous, quality management of in the production process thereby ensuring the product offers high print quality with long service life.

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