Static Control’s Seminar Discusses Vital Issues Impacting the Italian Market

Static Control (SCC), partnering with its official Italian distributor Automation Srl, hosted a seminar in Salerno, for remanufacturers in Southern Italy. Thirty-one people representing 17 companies joined the event.

Among the topics presented were ColorControl®, current market data, future trends and chip technology. Two remanufacturing demonstrations were also held.

Vincent van Dijk, Secretary General of ETIRA, discussed patent-infringing, new-build cartridges in a talk entitled “Fight Against Clones”.

Daniela Salbego, SCC’s Unit Business Manager for Italy, said, “There is a lot of uncertainty in the Italian remanufacturing industry at the moment, with regard to lack of empties, IP concerns and a market seemingly full of clones. By coming here to meet with people who are dealing with these issues at ground level, we gain an improved understanding and are able to better communicate the solutions we offer for moving their businesses forward.”

In addition, Salbego commented, “The ColorControl presentation allowed us to show remanufacturers how to successfully pursue the huge sector of the color market currently occupied by OEM cartridges.”

Germano Cavaliero, Italian remanufacturer and owner of PD Toner, particularly appreciated the open discussion forum for the options available to counteract clones on the Italian market. He noted, “Something needs to be done to prevent these illegal products—which are devoid of any qualitative, ethical or environmental value—from being marketed without any impedance, putting the very survival of our businesses under severe pressure.”

Francesco Strazzabosco, Chairman of Automation System Srl., noted, “This seminar was a great opportunity for Static Control and Automation System to exchange information and help generate ideas, as well as show our commitment and support to the genuine remanufacturers in the region.”

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