Static Control Invited OEMs to Participate in IP Presentation

Static Control stood alongside OEMs HP® and Lexmark® for a presentation focused on the intellectual property issues of the aftermarket industry at this year’s Remanexpo@Paperworld. The presentation titled “Our Own Worst Enemy?” was given by European Sales Manager Jason Doran of Static Control, Lexmark’s Worldwide Brand Protection Manager Andrew Gardner and HP Product Development Engineer Bernadine Maher.
“We are privileged that Lexmark and HP accepted our invitation to join forces in this way,” said Doran. “Both Bernadine and Andrew did an excellent job in demonstrating the common ground between OEMs and genuine remanufacturers with regard to clones and intellectual property issues.”
Petrit Levendi, CEO and Managing Director of Colombo sh.p.k, attended the event. “We leapt at the chance to hear from Lexmark and HP,” he commented. “We greatly appreciate being addressed directly by the OEMs, as it provides us with a clear perspective on where they stand. It is particularly encouraging to have the distinct difference between clones and the genuine remanufacturing industry acknowledged by them.”
“We extend our thanks to both Lexmark and HP for agreeing to join us in addressing these issues,” Doran added. “At Static Control we hope that they will continue to provide their input into our seminars throughout 2015, and we will welcome contributions from all printer OEMs who wish to make their position known.”

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