Zhono Responds to Printer Consumable Waste

Zhono Offers Sustainable Solution to Reduce Printer Consumable Waste

Zhono Offers Sustainable Solution to Reduce Printer Consumable Waste

In today’s business climate, environmental protection and reducing waste have become necessary goals for companies worldwide. For our industry, the waste generated by used printer consumables is a growing concern. One way to address this issue is by using remanufactured consumables, which can significantly reduce the amount of waste generated by the printing industry.

To allow remanufacturers to reset OEM chips to reduce cost and waste, Zhono offers an environmental-friendly solution—Progeasy chip resetter.

Zhono Responds to Printer Consumable Waste

“With the use of Progeasy, remanufacturers can reset or program their spent toner/ink cartridge chips without disassembly, making the remanufacturing process more efficient and reducing the risk of accessory damage,” said the spokesperson of Zhono. “In addition, Remanufacturers can also upgrade chips remotely with Progeasy, efficiently solving the firmware upgrade problems of OEM chips.”

Furthermore, programing “empty chips” with Progeasy helps reduce the need for excessive inventory and acts as a viable cost-cutting measure for remanufacturers, according to Zhono.

Zhono claims that its Progeasy sales have soared since launched in 2017. By updating databases online, customers can reset and program an increasing number of chip series with Progeasy, making the chip resetter popular with remanufacturers and distributors of finished products around the world.

Zhono says it has been continuously expanding the array of OEM chips that Progeasy can reset and recently added the Canon EXV58 model earlier this year.

Because of the similarity in appearance of many chips, some remanufacturers may have difficulty correctly identifying the model and version of the OEM chip when producing remanufactured toner cartridges. This can lead to misidentifying model numbers which cause production errors that result in unnecessary after-sales complaints. To address this, Zhono has embedded Progeasy with a scalable sensor device that can easily identify chips from a distance and ensure that the chip model, version, page yield, etc. are correct.

Progeasy’s LCD screen, touchscreen menus, and other features can help reduce errors in the remanufacturing process, as well as minimize waste and enhance performance, the company claims.



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