You are the Missing Link!

Sydney: 12 June 2016: Samsung is partnering with Cartridge World to deliver mobile print services for millions of mobile workers around the world.

Global CEO of Cartridge World, Steve Weedon (pictured), broke the news of the alliance with 88 Cartridge World store-owners meeting at the Australia-New Zealand annual meetings in Sydney.

Weedon, together with Cartridge World COO Peter Lim, met with top executives of Samsung in South Korea to seek the partnership. “It took just 90 minutes for Samsung to come on board with us,” Weedon declared. “They see the opportunity where Cartridge World and Samsung can mutually capture the untapped mobile market needing printing and scanning services.”

Further, Weedon added that the impact of Cartridge World is immense. “If every Cartridge World store sold just one printer a day, then that would be equal to 187,000 printers per year. “This was a fact that Samsung could not ignore,” Weedon noted.

Samsung, a market leader with smartphones and app development, as well as being one of the 5 leading printer OEMs, will work with Cartridge World to develop a free App that mobile users can top up with cash to spend on a WiFi service to print and scan documents while on the road. The App will be called “Print World—the Cartridge World Mobile Printing App—powered by Samsung.”

The App will have a map showing mobile workers how to find where the nearest Cartridge World printer is located, mostly in coffee shops, airports and other easy access areas. Each printer will be installed in a secure cabinet, made from some recycled products, and will be serviced by the local Cartridge World stores with paper, toner and ink and cleaning.

Weedon muses he was told by Samsung’s software company, “You are the missing link.” He said Samsung told him that while they are able to make the printers and the App, they had no way to service the printers on the ground. Cartridge World store owners can manage all that and are the “missing link” needed to make the service work.

In addition to the news about the arrangement with the OEM, Weedon announced the first Samsung multifunction printers will be rolled out in New York with a launch scheduled in the next few months. 200 printers will be installed and trialed before the program will go global. US media are anxious to get news of the innovation and will meet with Cartridge World leaders in 2 weeks.

There is a plan to install 10,400 machines in the first 24 months that will print 1.3 billion printed pages in the first 12 months.

According to IDC, there are 100 million mobile workers and those numbers will increase. At this time, printing and scanning services are not readily available to these workers while they are on the road.

Australian and New Zealander shop owners, hearing the announcement by Weedon first hand, were obviously excited about the strategic alliance. They called for the plan to be accelerated so that it could be established in the region that birthed the global Cartridge World franchise 20 years ago.

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