YEI! & QCOffice Partner in Toner Cartridge Recycling

Yavapai Exceptional Industries (YEI!) is well known in the Central Highlands of Arizona as the primary employer of people with disabilities. Representatives of Quality Connections Office Supply (QCOffice) is a Flagstaff-based not-for-profit office supply production and distribution organization which also employs people with disabilities. Both organizations partnered up recently.

According to, QCOffice ships its office supplies to YEI!, YEI!’s employees process the products and deliver them to QCOffice’s 100 contracted businesses in Prescott, Phoenix, and the cities and towns of the Central Highlands.

The latest project of the partnership is working with the Town of Prescott Valley to collect all of the used toner cartridges from that town’s government facilities every first week of the month. They are recycled by shipping them to LMI Solutions, a cartridge reman company in Phoenix.

YEI! Executive Director Brad Newman said, “What I like about recycling is the theme is congruent with YEI!. They used to think this was throw away. Well, we know that you can apply a little technology to that and it’s reclaimed.”

He says the same principle took time to be applied to his employees with disabilities “They used to think these people were throw away as well,” Newman said. “They were institutionalized and were put away in the back room; but we know with a little application, training, supervision and support of the family, now they contribute to the economy and the family.”

QCOffice Sales Director Christopher Keeler says that whatever the type or condition of the toner cartridge, they will take it.

“One of the assurances we give is that when you give us your toner cartridge, we’re not just going to throw it in the dumpster, because we recycle the remanufactured, OEM and ink cartridges,” Keeler said.

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