Epson Wins Patent Infringement Suit in Spain

As part of constant efforts to protect its intellectual property rights and technologies, Epson announced the favorable outcome of a lawsuit in the Spanish General Court against retailer ConZumo Servicios Online SL. Epson proved that the defendant infringed a variety of its patents related to inkjet printer cartridge technologies.

As per the court’s ruling, ConZumo is now forbidden from selling certain cartridges which infringe related Epson patents. Also, the defendant is ordered to pay the Japanese company an undisclosed sum of money to cover the OEM’s loss incurred by the infringement as well as the trial costs.

Rob Clark, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Epson Europe, says: “We invest heavily in Research and Development to ensure our customers get the best image quality outputs when using our products. The counterfeit copies of our technologies have a very negative impact on us as a brand, as well as our customers in their experience with technology”.


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