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Xerox Launches Voice-recognition Printer

 Xerox reported

Alexa may not be the name of your administrative assistant. But a new app uses Amazon’s Alexa to give voice to your new workplace assistant.

Xerox ConnectKey technology-enabled devices are now accessible via voice recognition (VR) technology, bringing digital printing to a whole new level in the office environment. Exclusively available on Xerox® ConnectKey i-Series MFP enabled devices, as well as Xerox® WorkCentre®and the newly released Xerox® VersaLink® and Xerox® AltaLink®, Amazon’s Echo is just a question away for digital print tasks.

In conjunction with the Amazon Echo voice recognition (VR) system, Alexa,  Vision-e developed Vision-e Voice so you can give verbal commands to your ConnectKey technology-enabled printer or MFP. The patent pending technology was developed working closely with Xerox engineers to access the ConnectKey application-programming interface.

Donna Davis (pictured), VP of Solutions Sales at Vision-e, said the new app “allows users to access the many features” Xerox offers on MFP devices. “Some users need help navigating through our extensive feature set”, whereas this app allows users to easily ask Alexa to make double-sided copies, order supplies, submit a service call, and many other printer tasks.  “It’s a powerful conversation, and an efficient way to communicate,” said Davis.

While use of Amazon Echo in the workplace is catching up to personal use in the home, voice recognition technology used at places of employment are going to be the next wave of the future. In addition to workplace use, Vision-e Voice is ideal for use in education, and for customers with learning disabilities, poor/limited motor skills and the visually impaired.

Vision-e currently has several developers that devote their time to Vision-e Voice, and has plans to keep hiring as the company adds more features to meet customer demands.

Xerox Partners are the first point of contact for users eager to install Vision-e Voice. No other is equipment needed, only a ConnectKey technology-enabled device. Find the right ConnectKey technology-enabled MFP or office printer and start a conversation with your workplace assistant equipped with voice recognition technology.

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