Xerox Hiring 90 People in Knox County

Xerox is hiring dozens of people to fill newly created jobs in Knox County.

Knox County officials say the area needs new jobs. Xerox has already hired 50 people and is looking to hire 90 more people for new positions.

Wednesday, the KCEOC Community Action Partnership hosted a job fair at its downtown Barbourville office for people to apply. Dozens of people showed up for the good-paying jobs.

Kelli France lives in Barbourville and does not have a job and does not want to move away from home. She says she has had trouble finding work in the area.

“Every call center or decent job you can find, it’s filled up,” France said.

Wednesday, she went to the KCEOC job fair and applied for a job at Xerox.

Xerox is hiring 90 people for second and third shifts at its Knox County location.

“With such a small population in the tri-county area, such a big employer coming to area is a big deal for the economy,” said Brandy Crase with KCEOC.

Officials say the new jobs grew from a partnership between KCEOC and Xerox. Officials say the new full-time jobs pay at least ten dollars an hour and offer benefits.

“These jobs are sustainable so we’re hoping that the people who are applying today will be able to make full-time careers out of this and stay for a long time,” Crase said.

Local officials say the extra paychecks in the area will create more spending money to help other businesses.

Kelli France says a paycheck will certainly help her.

“It would definitely help financially and a lot of people in this town financially,” France said.

Officials say 150 people from all over the Cumberland Valley region applied for the 90 positions. Applicants must pass a drug test and a background check to be considered for the jobs.

Xerox officials hope to fill the positions and start production in a few weeks.

(Source: WYMT)

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