Where Do Our Opportunities Lie in Mobile Printing?

As mobile printing has become more and more popular, can the Chinese aftermarket of printing consumables benefit from this forthcoming trend?

At the 2016 RT Imaging Summit, Thilo Lutzeler, the CEO of Drivve revealed that mobile printing is an innovative technology that has combined two kinds of technologies: mobile and printing.

Many giant technology companies, such as Apple and Google have joined the industry as well.

According to the InfoTrends, around 2/3 of the younger generation of people (age between 18 and 34) in the U.S. still prefer to read and edit on paper, while such rate is lower in China. Otherwise, the research also shows 74% of people in China like to use their mobile devices for personal printing.

About 40% of people in China know about the function of mobile printing yet don’t use it. Such rate is lower than that of in the U.S. Lutzeler said that millions of people might have opportunities to print from their mobile devices but have missed them. It is a broad area where the manufacturers of printing consumables can excavate.

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