We Moved – RT Media New Office Notice


Please note that effective 1st February, 2016, Recycling Times Media Corporation Limited (RT Media) has moved to a new office location (see below). Our telephone, fax no., email addresses and office working hours remain unchanged.

New Postal Address: Level 4, Building 1, Kimka Creative Valley, 2021 Mingzhu Road South, Zhuhai, 519000 China

RT Media, which was formed in 2006, started as a small company with just 5 office staff. To cope with the business development, we needed to grow and have expanded to serve the industry. During the past decade, RT Media’s larger footprint includes new activities such as publishing, broadcasting, design and event management. Services include RemaxWorld Expo and the RT Imaging Summit & Expo, inTouch TV News, Patent-Smart.com etc. Four language industry magazines, backed up with digital and social media, are distributed throughout the world, facilitating the information flow for the global print consumables market.

The Founder and Managing Director, Mr. Tony Lee said, “Today, another milestone for RT Media has been achieved during what has been a very successful decade. We are at the crossroads and ready to make this deeper commitment to serve this industry we love so much—its people.”

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