Mito Responds to False Rumors

There have been various rumors in the press that an FBI agent, accused of spying for Chinese government officials, was employed or involved in a business venture with prominent Chinese remanufacturer, Kolion.

According to the South China Morning Post, FBI employee, Kun Shan Chun has admitted to spying for Beijing, after Chinese contacts lavished him with prostitutes and cash. “Authorities said Chun also did not tell the FBI about a business venture with a Chinese technology company called Kolion. Chun performed research and consulted on behalf of the company in exchange for benefits that included foreign travel.”

Other media sources, including claim the Zhuhai based Kolion “employed Kun Shan Chun in research and consultancy, while Shun was an FBI employee and “an agent of China.”

It has been falsely assumed, the company called Kolion in the FBI scandal refers to Mito’s subsidiary, Kolion Technology Co., Ltd. Zhuhai.

Mito have told RT Media this is not the case, and any links between Kun Shan Chun and its subsidiary are false and unsubstantiated.

Mito has prepared a statement, in Chinese, that says, “Mito and the Beijing ZhongLun Law firm claim Mito’s subsidiary has nothing to do with any person by the name of Kun Shan Chun. There is no record of Kun Shan Chun, nor his relatives, to be found on the shareholder or staff name lists. Further, Mito’s subsidiary has never been involved with Kun Shan Chun with any investment activity.”

Mito also points out it conducted all necessary due diligence and legal searches on its subsidiary before implementing the 2014 acquisition. “No illegal or improper commercial activities were found by its subsidiary, nor any of its original shareholders.”

Following the acquisition, Mito’s subsidiary went through a series of changes, and has been operating normally and regularly under Mito’s governance. Therefore, Mito is satisfied there are no grounds to suspect its subsidiary has any relation with Kun Shan Chun.

Mito also points out it will take legal action to protect its own rights, should person or organization take advantage of its subsidiary, based on false and unauthenticated news. Meanwhile, Mito and its subsidiary will continue to investigate the matter.

Mito warns it will take legal action against any person or company spreading ill-founded, false and damaging rumors.

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