Van Son Celebrates 140 Years

This year, Van Son Holland Ink Corporation is celebrating its 140th anniversary as a leading manufacturer of high quality inks and pressroom supplies.  Van Son is commemorating the event with an ingenious new software program and the redesign of their logo.

“We are very proud to have recently celebrated our 140th year in business under the original family ownership.  We look forward to continuing this rare story of producing high quality printing ink products into future generations.”  conveyed Joseph Bendowski, CEO of Van Son Holland Ink Corporation of America.

Today Van Son is owned by the same family that opened its doors 140 years ago.  What started as a modest ink-making business has developed into an international corporation.  Van Son remains a leading ink manufacturer due to their proprietary techniques in relation to innovative ink formulas.  The print industry is an ever changing industry and Van Son’s ink is changing with it.  With their 140th anniversary celebration Van Son is remembering their background of excellence and looking to the future to uphold those standards with leading-edge ink formulations.

Van Son was founded in 1873 and is a leading manufacturer of ink and pressroom supplies.  As printing technology continues to evolve, Van Son’s team of ink formulators are busy creating new and better inks — formulas for today’s emerging trends and technologies — and even experimental printing applications destined to become the printing standards of the next generation of printers.

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