UTec, Future Graphics, SCC Modify Chips In Compliance with HP Request

UTec, the global master distributor of Print-Rite imaging products, announced it has modified its existing smart chips on reman cartridges to display the message: “Non-HP Supply Installed”. UTec said those chips—which are used in its SmarTact™ remanufactured cartridges for HP printers—now “fully comply with the latest requirements of HP as announced in HP’s recent White Paper.”

As was revealed by UTec, the modifications were done before the public announcement of HP’s White Paper. In addition, UTec noted that clients should feel confident in continuous use of its chips conforming to the policies stated by HP.

Future Graphics and Static Control Components have also modified their smart chips for many HP printer cartridges to inform users with the correct message to avoid misrepresenting these carts as OEM products.

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